Influencer Management Services

Here at ImpactPR, we're always on the lookout for established as well as new, emerging influencers to take part in our exciting influencer marketing campaigns. Please fill out the form below and our team will get back to you shortly.


As the world becomes more digitally connected, PR agencies look beyond the traditional boundaries of interacting with the press through news releases and media interactions. While, these still form a major part of creating visibility and a solid reputation for your brand, the digital age calls for more refine online campaigns and marketing tactics for the most widespread reach and engagement of the brand with its consumers.

As a leading influencer marketing agency in India, Impact Public Relations offers the perfect visibility of your brand to target audiences that spend the vast majority of their time on social media channels, platforms, and apps. Our excellent influencer collaboration ensures meaningful connectivity with your target audience to win over their trust thereby leading to enhanced business conversions.

The award winning Impact PR team hooks up the ideal social media influencers (e.g. YouTubers, Instagrammers, Viners, Snapchatters, bloggers, et. al.) for your brand that command the attention of hundreds of thousands of followers and engaged consumers.

At Impact Public Relations, we develop top influencer marketing campaigns that create adequate knowledge about your brand position and your key offerings amongst the important stakeholders of your business. Digital influencers help take your message out to the right audience to sway purchasing decisions, create brand loyalty, and inspire people to try new things. A single message from a right influencer is sure to be seen and digested by a large, engaged audience which in turn can scale you brand to new heights. We connect brand and creators to unfold mesmerizing stories that are sure to keep your audiences enthralled besides creating a long lasting impact.